WordPress changes that I’m excited about

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Ever got­ten frus­trat­ed using Word­Press because you could­n’t make your web­site look exact­ly the way you wanted?

Those prob­lems are about to change, and I’m so excit­ed! On Tues­day, Jan­u­ary 25, the Word­Press devel­op­er com­mu­ni­ty will be releas­ing ver­sion 5.9, along with the new default theme Twen­ty Twen­ty-Two. I’m so excit­ed for the Word­Press changes!

If you’re get­ting ready for a Word­Press site redesign, make sure any design­er you hire and/or theme you buy is block-based and ready for full-site edit­ing (FSE).

If you aren’t chang­ing your site design, what hap­pens to your old WP theme when you upgrade to 5.9? It will prob­a­bly be fine.

“Pop­u­lar themes that have been in the indus­try for some time, such as Divi and Ava­da, have their own­er page-builders already incor­po­rat­ed and will not uti­lize full site edit­ing. The code they are built around will sim­ply dis­able the full site edit­ing fea­ture and the expe­ri­ence for the user will be very sim­i­lar to as it was pre­vi­ous to the release.” (source)

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