Saw this hat at a grocery store several days ago. It was child-sized. If it was my size I’d probably be wearing it right now.

For me the most emotional moments in the exhibit on Japanese American internment at #janm yesterday occurred when I read the individual stories of resistance (for example, the lawsuits of Mitsuye Endo and Fred Korematsu), allyship (Ralph Lazo), and service (posthumous medal of honor recipient Sadao Munemori).

Statelessness is an extremely vulnerable position to be in. #janm exhibit on the mistreatment of Japanese American and Japanese Latin American civilians by the US government during WWII

Exhibit about the US internment of Japanese American civilians in concentration camps during WWII #janm #concentrationcamp

Learned yesterday that the US government had made lists of Japanese American community leaders years before the WWII internment of civilians. Also learned about the US government acquiring Japanese Latin American prisoners. #janm