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Composelicious: I fantasize about a WordPress plugin that doesn’t exist

I blog the way that I do because of certain mental quirks [digression deleted] that make it hard for me to blog any other way. Still, I’m convinced I could do better, with a little help. So I fantasize about a WordPress plugin that could take care of at least some of the bits that […]

A quest for magic and better magic

The magic with which I am concerned is anything you do in your mind to bring about a desired result.  Prayer, visualization, analysis, practice–magic can be all of these and more. Magic is the difference between perfect accuracy and peak efficiency. We all use it; it’s indispensable. The kind of magic that involves breaking the […]

Human beings have value.

Human beings also have needs. Therefore, the satisfaction of human need is good. Like this:Like Loading…

Lazyweb request: update Dashboard Tiddly, please

Dear Internetizens, Please update Dashboard Tiddly. Version .2 works well enough in WordPress 2.7.1, but I wish I could import and export tiddlers. Like this:Like Loading…

Lazyweb request: A Shortcode For Every Widget (WordPress 2.7 plugin)

Designate your own shortcode for any widget and then use the shortcode to insert the widget into the body of any page or post! Oh, how I dream. I dream of clicking over to Appearance -> Widgets, and then, on my “random posts” widget settings, I can just type insertrandomposts in the “shortcode” field. And […]


“…the best-kept secret of hybrid-electric vehicles is that this technology can have performance advantages in addition to better mileage. “The reason you never hear about hybrids winning Formula 1 races is because the international sanctioning body banned the technology. Hybrid cars would have had an unfair advantage on the track because the electric motors would […]

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