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Writing & Editing Services

Reading is one of my greatest passions–I like reading and writing more than conversing! I studied literature as well as creative and academic writing at the University of Redlands (Johnston Center), where I worked as a writing tutor. I would love to help you bring out the greatness in your prose.


Content Marketing and Other Business Writing

Optional services include rewriting your business materials.

  • Content strategy and content marketing
  • Information products
  • Internal documentation
  • Other business writing

Academic / Non-fiction Writing

  • Term papers
  • Articles for print or blog publication

Autobiographical Writing / Genre Fiction

  • Memoir
  • Science fiction
  • Fantasy
  • Romance

About Lee Salazar, the human

Top five VIA strengths, in no particular order:

  • Curiosity (Wisdom and Knowledge)
  • Fairness (Justice)
  • Forgiveness/Mercy (Temperance)
  • Love of learning (Wisdom and Knowledge)
  • Creativity (Wisdom and Knowledge)

DISC & Values profile:

  • Decisive: moderately low
  • Interactive: moderately low
  • Stabilizing: very high
  • Cautious: very high
  • Aesthetic: high
  • Economic: very low
  • Individualistic: high
  • Political: high
  • Altruist: average
  • Regulatory: average
  • Theoretical: very high

About LeeSalazar, the website

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