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…the best-kept secret of hybrid-elec­tric vehi­cles is that this tech­nol­ogy can have per­for­mance advan­tages in addi­tion to bet­ter mileage.

The rea­son you never hear about hybrids win­ning For­mula 1 races is because the inter­na­tional sanc­tion­ing body banned the tech­nol­ogy. Hybrid cars would have had an unfair advan­tage on the track because the elec­tric motors would have given them bursts of extra power. Too quick for For­mula 1? A hybrid? At recent motor shows, Honda and Ford rolled out vari­a­tions on the hybrid theme that empha­size per­for­mance and power — not fuel effi­ciency. Both con­cepts bor­row tricks refined in hybrids like the Insight to boost their engines, mak­ing them per­form bet­ter. (Oh, and they pol­lute less and get bet­ter mileage, too.)”

The Chris­t­ian Sci­ence Mon­i­tor explains why hybrids are here to stay.

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