Of interest (Feb 15)

  • Even if you haven’t ever visited popular visual bookmarking site Pinterest, you might recognize its design elements — which have been popping up everywhere…

    “It flattens the information hierarchy,”…

    Pinterest puts web content into sticky-note sized blocks users can organize onto pinboards that fill the entire browser screen. The majority of each block is filled by a photo, and the ability to “like,” “repin” or comment at the bottom make it look like its own mini web page. …

    It also broke the system of organizing information online based on reverse chronology, as favored by Twitter and Facebook. Reverse chronology is a tired, overly-used system; as Vinh says, “I almost thought it was the default way to organize information on the web.”

    [I don’t think Pinterest did it. I think this is happening because of the long slow death of the static web and the rise of a) content syndication/aggregation and b) social media [read: friendslists]. The static web, and the desire of website owners for repeat visitors, absolutely necessitated reverse chronological presentation. -L]

  • Android and iPhone: …It not only provides instructions for over 1700 exercises, but also plans and tracks your workouts, weight and body metrics, and blood pressure.

  • She reportedly had two tickets from November 2010 for parking violations, and a third ticket for an out-of-date registration, and had failed to pay those tickets on time. So instead of showing up according to the summonses she received, she simply logged on to the online court system records and zap! — erased those violations.

    She was arraigned and released on $25,000 bond, ostensibly under the orders of another judge. Because if she’d done it herself, no one would ever know any of this had ever happened.

  • Windows’ built-in wallpaper switcher is okay, but not spectacular. If you’d like to beef up your rotating wallpaper, John’s Background Switcher gives you tons of options for doing so, and at no cost.

  • Encouraging its customers to “save the planet”, Big Red is allowing eligible customers to redeem their old handsets for gift cards to use at the Verizon store.

    Instantly redeemable gift cards can be used in store to purchase a new phone, tablet or other accessory. Also, you can use the gift card towards your bill. A representative will need to give a quick evaluation of the device and its condition. Depending on the make, model and condition you could receive up to $300.

  • Garbage City, as it’s known, has long been the ultimate destination of all of Cairo’s trash. Here, a community of people called the Zabbaleen view trash as a way of life. As depicted in the documentary Garbage Dreams, the Zabbaleen scratch out a living by carting away the trash from Cairo’s streets and then sorting through it, recycling 80% of it and feeding the remaining organic matter to pigs, which provided meat and fertilizer. But as Cairo’s population grows, so does the trash – and since authorities removed the pigs in 2009 due to swine flu, the trash is getting harder to manage.

  • The University of Pennsylvania Health System provides nearly 200 video animations and explanations of injuries, diseases, and body systems. The animations, like this one of a balloon angioplasty, are concise which makes them good for general reference purposes.

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  • Following claims by female passengers that they have been harassed while going through airport security checkpoints, Senator Chuck Schumer from New York has renewed his call for the Transportation Security Administration to place passenger advocates in every airport terminal.

    The latest allegations against the TSA come from women who say they have been singled out for more intensive screenings by male agents just because they are female.

  • The next time you need to identify a mysterious pain in your body, you could look it up in Google Search, and Google will tell you directly on the results page what might be the possible cause of your symptoms. …

    Of course Google reminds users that the list is not created by doctors and shouldn’t be used to replace the expert advice from medical professionals.

  • If you’d like to recreate scenes from The Rebel Flesh, you can with your very own Doctor Who Flesh Bowl Figure Creator.

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