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Maine Couple On Trial For Redeeming Deposits For Bottles From New Hampshire | The Consumerist • by Chris Morran
The investigation led authorities to the redemption center, which prosecutors allege illegally redeemed out-of-state recyclables for two years, effectively stealing $10,000 from the state.
In addition to the New Hampshire sports complex, a former employee at the redemption center testified earlier this week that he received several hundreds of dollars from his bosses for bottles and cans he brought to the center from his home in Massachusetts.
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Traffic From Streaming Web Video Expected to Grow by at Least 1300% | ReadWriteWeb • by John Paul Titlow
Netflix alone makes up nearly 30% of all downstream traffic and we’re now accustomed to hearing about the extraordinary amount of bandwidth eaten up by videos streaming during major news events. …
If you think we’re eating up a lot of bandwidth streaming video now, just wait.
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FastCustomer Skips Waiting on Hold, Connects You to a Real Person in One Tap | Lifehacker • by Whitson Gordon
Android/iPhone: If you’re tired of waiting forever on the phone with customer service, free app FastCustomer helps you skip the wait on hold and only rings your phone when an actual human being is on the line.
Report Your iPhone Stolen, Get A Visit From The FedEx Thugs | The Consumerist • by Laura Northrup
Apple shipped Dianna’s iPhone via Federal Express to her apartment, but an unknown neighbor signed for it, and the phone never reached Dianna. She filed a police report on the missing phone, which earned her an early-morning visit from three men she calls FedEx’s “thugs.”
The Completely Redesigned Evernote Firefox Extension | Evernote Blogcast • by Andrew Sinkov
…tons of exciting new features and capabilities including a completely new popup interface, the ability to search your Evernote account whenever you search Google, Bing or Yahoo, and more.
…lets you see everything you’ve ever clipped from a given site—sort of like having your personal Best Of for every site you love.
How Humanity Created So Much Data
Steven Wolfram and team have gathered together a big timeline of key events in the history of systematic data and computable knowledge. The team has created a beautiful infographic and a five foot long poster available for mail order…in anticipation of the Wolfram Data Summit in DC early next month. We’re really at the dawn of a whole new age of data creation, so this timeline will likely look like pre-history relatively soon, but it’s fascinating and important none the less. …
Wolfram argues that Artificial Intelligence has languished over the years, but that the body of data that’s become available for computation has exploded.
…the explosion of data production that’s beginning…will be a major factor in determining the nature of human civilization in the near-term. …far more will be made measurable in the next few years than has been instrumented by any of the other developments on Wolfram’s timeline.
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How the Science of Attention is Changing Work and Education | Brain Pickings • by Maria Popova
In another famous experiment, Davidson, then provost at Duke, gave the entire 2003 freshman class iPods as part of their academic curriculum. Though the pilot project was at first widely derided, it quickly silenced the critics as students found intelligent and innovative ways to employ their iPods in the classroom and the lab in everything from collaborating on group project to podcasting a conference on Shakespeare around the world.
…neuroscience is increasingly indicating that our minds pay attention in a myriad different ways, often non-linear and simultaneous…
Oldest Survivor of Bataan Death March Passes Away
This week, retired Army major Albert N. Brown passed away at the age of 105. He was the oldest known survivor of the Bataan Death March [link], one of the most horrifying episodes in the brutal Pacific theater of World War II.
Major Brown suffered such abuse at the hands of the Imperial Army of Japan that when he returned to the United States, his doctors thought he would not survive long. …
25,000-year-old stone pendant unearthed
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Maryland site continuously occupied for 10,000 years
A nearly 10,000-year-old stone hearth has been unearthed at Pig Point, Maryland. Now the hunt is on for pre-Paleo evidence of habitation. …
“That would be ‘the absolute jackpot,’ said Joe Dent, an associate professor and expert in Mid-Atlantic prehistory at American University in Washington. ‘If they encountered pre-Paleo, this would be an international site. Archaeologists worldwide would beat a path to it.'”
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Metaphor | Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy • by David Hills
Metaphor is a poetically or rhetorically ambitious use of words, a figurative as opposed to literal use. It has attracted more philosophical interest and provoked more philosophical controversy than any of the other traditionally recognized figures of speech.
Evernote Acquires Skitch, Promptly Announces Android App | AndroidGuys • by Scott Webster
Evernote posted on their blog today that they have acquired Skitch, a software platform that lets users draw and annotate screen captures and images. …will make for a great way to enhance the note-taking, photo-capturing experience. Wasting no time at all, Evernote immediately announced that Android will be the first mobile platform to see a native client released. How soon will we get our hands on this new app? Not long at all, it will be available in the Android Market later today!
toplofty | English Spelling Rules • by ibeforee
Merriam-Webster’s Word of the Day…
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18 August 1826 – Alexander Gordon Laing enters Timbuktu | About.com African History
Alexander Gordon Laing is acknowledged to be the first European to reach the city of Timbuktu [link], having crossed the Sahara to do so. He’d survived a savage attack by Tuareg nomads on his journey from Tripoli to Timbuktu, but was murdered two days after leaving the city (23 September 1826).
Schrodinger’s Rapist: Yes, We Have To Talk About This Again | No, Seriously, What About Teh Menz? • by ozymandias42
[Excellently pithy in a way that makes it difficult for me to pick out a quote. -L]
Schrodinger’s Rapist is not about “all men are rapists.”
It is not even about “all men are potential rapists.” All men are, in fact, potential rapists, in much the same sense as all women are potential rapists…
It is about “a very significant proportion of women will, when you approach them, be assessing whether you are going to be That Asshole…
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Wednesday Geek Woman: Ellen Ochoa, engineer and NASA astronaut | Geek Feminism Blog
…the first Latina woman to enter space. She has received numerous NASA, science, and engineering awards. She is currently the Deputy Director of the Johnson Space Center.
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What Do You Mean When You Say You Want ‘Strong Female Characters’? | Tiger Beatdown
These calls for strong female characters start to run into trouble with trans women, nonwhite women, and women of colour in pop culture. Because women in all three of these categories are automatically expected to be strong.
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Top 50 Women to Watch in Tech | femme-o-nomics.com
Femmeonomics is thrilled to announce its first list highlighting 50 women to watch in tech. There have been many lists of women to watch in technology recently. Unlike other lists, Femmeonomics plans to highlight the ambitious and creative women flying just under the radar.
If you or someone you know fit into one of the categories below, we want to hear from you.
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