Composelicious: I fantasize about a WordPress plugin that doesn’t exist

I blog the way that I do because of cer­tain men­tal quirks [digres­sion deleted] that make it hard for me to blog any other way. Still, I’m con­vinced I could do bet­ter, with a lit­tle help. So I fan­ta­size about a Word­Press plu­gin that could take care of at least some of the bits that I find dif­fi­cult… what it would have to do, how would it inter­act within Word­Press, what would the user see, how to avoid wheel rein­ven­tion, etc.

I call it the Com­pose­li­cious Magic Note Assis­tant. Here’s what it (hypo­thet­i­cally) does:

Are you good at microblog­ging? Semi-auto­mate the process of com­pos­ing and post­ing longer arti­cles in a way that pre­serves your indi­vid­ual writ­ing style and avoids look­ing like a spambot.

Hourly, Com­pose­li­cious grabs your new book­marks from your deli­cious account and/​or other social book­mark­ing sites, sav­ing them as “notes” which you can use as the build­ing blocks of future arti­cles. You can also con­vert exist­ing draft posts into “notes”.

Com­pose­li­cious sorts your notes, assem­bling rough arti­cle Paste­boards on your assorted top­ics, and searches for blog posts you’ve pre­vi­ously pub­lished and/​or for off­site con­tent which you may want to link to in your final draft. It minds the options you’ve entered regard­ing min/​max amount of post con­tent, and it also helps you post in a timely man­ner by pri­or­i­tiz­ing urgent/​aging notes. And then it can send you an email to prompt you to review a nearly-com­plete Pasteboard.

When you’re at the Paste­board, you can change the order of the notes; add, delete, or hide them; move notes to dif­fer­ent Paste­boards if the plu­gin has erro­neously cat­e­go­rized their top­ics; and finally press the Go but­ton. Com­pose­li­cious then makes the Paste­board into a draft Post; you do your final read-through and rewrite on the con­ven­tional Edit Post page, and then pub­lish the article.

Cus­tom post types that Com­pose­li­cious needs: two. Mag­ic­Notes and Pasteboards. 

Ques­tions begged: sort­ing notes by topic; what if I don’t use any social book­mark­ing sites; note urgency/​aging and the post­ing sched­ule; automag­i­cally find­ing related con­tent on other sites; pre­ven­tion of dou­ble-post­ing a book­mark or other con­tent; should it really be called Com­pose­li­cious Magic Note Assis­tant. For now, I will spare you my fur­ther thoughts on those subjects.

Any­one inter­ested in kick­ing some ideas around with me?

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