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Now THIS Is The Way You Deal With Fox News
…with parent company NewsCorp's $1M donation to the Republican Governors Association, I'd argue that the Republican Party is the political arm of Fox News Channel.

And here is the absolutely perfect way for any self-respecting Democrat to deal with Fox News:…

As John Cole puts it, a reporter should think twice before trusting his professional credibility to Fox News. And Democrats should never hesitate to remind them of that.

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Tea Party, Inc: The Illustrated Guide
[Crooks and Liars – karoli]

AlterNet and The Nation Institute's Investigative Fund teamed up to put together this fabulous report on Tea Party, Inc. Click here for the larger size — this picture is worth about 10,000 words, but the report is well worth the read, too…

…drives home the truth about the Tea Party, how they all link together with Fox News, the Ralph Reed religious coalitions, pet issues near and dear to the extreme right wing, and ultimately, to their hand-picked wingnut candidates: O'Donnell, Toomey, Johnson, Paul, Rubio, Buck, Lee, Miller.

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Why Smarter on Crime Makes Fiscal Sense
[Calitics – David Onek]

…as we debate how to [fix the budget], we need to understand how the skyrocketing cost of our state’s criminal justice system is contributing to the downward spiral — and what we can do to reverse the fiscally unsustainable trend.

During last year’s budget, California spent 11% of its general fund on the state prison system and only 7.5% on higher education.

This level of spending on prisons requires raising taxes and fees while cutting other programs – and, ironically, the first targets are too often programs that help reduce crime…

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Won’t Someone Think of the Children?
Clint McCance, school board member and local business owner, took to Facebook recently to protest Spirit Day and the existence of LGBTQI people…

[Quotes McCance inciting suicide and hatred. Seriously seriously rage-inducing. Article provides links to help you get in touch with the Arkansas Department of Education, etc. -L]

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For Thee But Not For Me by digby
It's quite interesting that so many of the tea party candidates are having "unauthorized" people who ask them questions arrested (or restrained and assaulted by their followers) when it was just a year ago that this was how they instructed their own people to behave at political meetings:…

Were any of these people arrested or assaulted? If they were, I don't recall it.

But we've certainly seen that happen in recent days — to Democrats. Here's the latest:…


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