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The Mumpsimus: Gender and Science Fiction Crowdsource Question
I've just been approved to teach a class next term at Plymouth State University called "Gender and Science Fiction". It's an upper-level Topics in Women's Studies course, open to any major…

Did a work of science fiction (and I am trying to stick to science fiction rather than fantasy) ever really blow your mind with regard to ideas of gender roles, family, sex, sexuality, etc.?

…If you were to make all the undergraduates in the world read one text about gender roles, etc., what would that text be (nonfiction or fiction)? Is there a movie that for you represents either the best or worst of representations of gender in science fiction?

science gender

Slashdot Linux Story | Linux Kernel Exploit Busily Rooting 64-Bit Machines
[This] exploit is more malicious than usual because it leaves a backdoor behind for itself to exploit later even if the hole is patched. Luckily, there's a tool you can run to see if you've already been exploited…

linux security

Open source cuts microlending complexity – O’Reilly Radar
Rather than develop proprietary software with hundreds of country-by-country variations, Mifos is making its code available via open source. Financial institutions can repurpose the software for their unique microlending needs.


Sentencing Law and Policy: "Risk as a Proxy for Race"
The title of this post is the title of this notable new paper by Professor Bernard Harcourt available via SSRN. Here is the abstract…


Children of Burma | Photography Served


Clear Spring Skies Emerge on Titan | Wired Science | Wired.com
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astronomy photography

The Best Thing I’ve Read All Week – The Pursuit of Harpyness
…I ran across a piece called “An Anti-Suffrage Monologue,” by a woman I’ve never heard of before:  Marie Jenney Howe, who was among other things a member of the National American Woman Suffrage Association, and who wrote and performed the piece to spoof the wackadoodle arguments of  anti-suffrage proponents…

feminism funny

Linux Today – Free Linux Command Line eBook
Don't Fear The Command Line: "Please enjoy this free eBook of my lattest book Introduction to the Command Line (Second Edition) available for free download in PDF format from CreateSpace.com."


Quick hit: GNOME Outreach internships for women | Geek Feminism Blog

open_source programming

Balloon Juice » Blog Archive » The GOP Gay Outreach Continues at Top Speed
"Sen. Saxby Chambliss has confirmed that the “All faggots must die” comment left here on JMG earlier today did indeed come from his Atlanta office…"

asshattery homophobia

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