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4,000-year-old cuneiform tablets found in Turkey
Archaeologists have unearthed 4,000-year-old cuneiform tablets which detail a trade agreement at Kultepe-Karum in Turkey.


Found: Oldest Roman baths in Asia Minor
A team of archaeologists have discovered the oldest Roman baths in Asia Minor in Sagalassos, Turkey.


2,500-year-old chess pieces found in China
Chess pieces which date back 2,500 years have been found in a tomb in China.


U.S. government: No sign of undersea plume from BP spill


A message that actually works
[Open Left – Mike Lux]

So I get polls and focus group reports and all manner of public opinion analysis and strategy documents crossing my desk every day, and have for the two decades I have been involved in national politics. I am not given to hyperbole, but this memo from Stan Greenberg ranks right near the top of being one of the most important that I have ever seen…


When software fights for human life [Good Deeds]
[io9 – Annalee Newitz]

Can a piece of software help people who are suffering from political repression or struggling to survive after a natural disaster? Yes, and not always in the ways you'd expect.


Filibuster’s Shameful Tradition of Crushing Rights Continues with DADT
[Firedoglake – Jon Walker]

Today, the legislative action that should have begun the repeal of “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” failed to get cloture by a vote of 56 to 43…

The true history of the Senate filibuster is disgusting. It has always been a favorite tool of a handful of powerful bigots in our country to subvert democracy and prevent Americans, who happened to belong to an out group, from accessing their full Constitutional rights. The Senate rarely used filibuster one hundred years ago, but when it did, it was almost always to the [detriment] of minorities…


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