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[In case it needs to be said: I don’t agree with every word of everything I link to. –L.]

‘God couldn’t do faster': Rubik’s cube mystery solved
[New Scientist]

Every possible arrangement of the Rubik’s cube can be solved in 20 moves or less, a figure dubbed “God’s number”

[That would of course be Jeff, the God of Rubik. -L]

Lucy the Butcher? Tool Use Pushed Back 800,000 Years
[National Geographic News]

Newfound prehistoric leftovers suggest early human ancestors were using tools about 800,000 years earlier than thought, a new study says.

Robot to explore Great Pyramid tunnels
[A Blog About History – Sevaan Franks]

[Awesomest headline of the day? -L]

Aphids, abandon ship
[Science News]

Mammal breath drives insects to jump off plants

How salmonella helps kill cancer cells
[Science News]

Bacterium stimulates the immune system to ‘see’ tumors, could lead to vaccine

Moonless sky sets stage for dazzling meteor show
[New Scientist]

A hundred ‘shooting stars’ may grace the skies every hour during the peak of the Perseid meteor shower this Thursday night

A look at the mysterious Pictish language of Scotland
[A Blog About History – Sevaan Franks]

The mystery surrounding the ancient Pictish language is deepening as linguits [sic] examine the Pict stones in Scotland.

“They concluded that the Pictish carvings were ‘symbolic markings that communicated information’ – that these were words rather than pictures.”

Hydrogen bombshell: Rewriting life’s history
Oxygen is supposed to have driven the evolution of complex life – but the discovery of animals that thrive without it tells a different story

[Given that these animals live on Earth, how much more likely does this make it seem that life might have evolved on other planets, too? -L]