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The Root: The Return Of 'Sundown' Towns?
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A tough law against illegal immigrants in Nebraska could revive the whites-only-at-night towns of our Jim Crow past. Afi-Odelia Scruggs of The Root explains how race is going to play a role, and that's why anyone who resembles a so-called illegal is right to worry.

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What's Next for United States v. Arizona
[ImmigrationProf Blog]

The three claims for relief are based on the Supremacy Clause, federal preemption, and the Commerce Clause. The complaint and the injunction papers sketch out a powerful argument about how national interests (imcluding foreign relations) are at stake in the regulation of immigration and how there must be one national immigration law, not a patchwork of 50 states' immigration laws…

The lawsuit does not seek to invalidate all of SB 1070 but targets sections 1 through 6 of the law, those sections most directly dealing with immigration. The United States does not challenge, for example, the sections of SB 1070 prohibiting the solicitation of work by day laborers. The lawsuit filed by by the ACLU, MALDEF, and others go further and target the day laborer and other provisions of the law…

Although United States v. Arizona has been assigned to Judge Wake, it has been reported that the United States will ask that the case be transferred to U.S. District Judge Susan Bolton, who has scheduled hearings for July 15 and 22 for other legal challenges already filed against SB 1070.

BP said comfortable with large Abu Dhabi stake

BP is reportedly comfortable with Abu Dhabi taking a stake as large as 10%, according to a published report.

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Bees, Cell phones, and BS

The interwebs are all abuzz (ha!) with a new report that cellphones might be responsible for the losses in honeybee populations. Specifically, the news stories reference this paper:

[quotes and takedown redacted]

4. They put the cell phones in the freakin’ hive (see photo). Now, granted, maybe that is where Eddie Izzard takes his phone calls. But most people do not stand inside–or next to–active beehives when they are chatting about what to get for dinner. This design is rather analogous to strapping cellphones to your scrotum. I’m betting you’ll get an effect–but is it a real one that the average scrotum owner needs to worry about?

…This is a classic example of Bad Science Reporting. OMG RADIATION IN MAI BEEZ!!!

Rare black redstart chicks hatched in secret nest
[BBC News]

One of Britain's rarest birds successfully raises four chicks at a secret location in the centre of Birmingham.

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