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[In case it needs to be said: I don’t agree with every word of everything I link to. –L.]

Arizona Immigration Legislation (SB 1070) Update
[ADR Prof Blog]

Now that the national furor has died down over Arizona’s immigration law locally known as SB 1070, some rational commentary is starting to come to the fore. Jack Chin of the University of Arizona has been leading the charge. He, along with others including my colleague Carissa Hessick, have looked at the various claims the supporters and opponents have been making about the law. Their white paper on this can be downloaded here…

According to Jack racial profiling in immigration matters is constitutional (in other words it is ok everywhere in the US)…

[Wait, how does that not violate the equal protection clause? -L]

New York Human Rights Law Does Not Apply To Non-Residents.
[Adjust Law Prof Blog]

Hoffman v. Parade Publications, ___N.Y.3d____(July 1, 2010), is an interesting case. New York's highest court held that protections of New York State and City Human Rights Laws do not extend to an employee who does not reside or work in…

[You, yer 'onor! You are the reason we can't have nice things! -L]

Italian police show off recovered artifacts
[A Blog About History]

Hundreds of looted ancient artifacts recovered by Italian police were displayed in the Colosseum on Friday.

Anti-aircraft laser makes debut
[BBC News]

US defence firm Raytheon unveils a solid state, anti-aircraft laser system at the Farnborough Airshow in Hampshire.

Leaks near BP well may be natural
Airing your dirty lolcat
[I Can Has Cheezburger]
Citizen’s guide to fancy pants coffee drinks

In the same spirit of the original coffee drink infographic from a few years ago, Plaid Creative describes the perfect pour, or as I like to call it, the citizen's guide to fancy pants coffee drinks. At its root, its a series of pie charts where each wedge represents the percentage of ingredient in a given fancy pants drink. But the subtle stylings make it look…

Stuck in the past
[Science News]

Molecular remnants may limit potential of reprogrammed stem cells

[This vaguely reminds me that there was an issue involving the age (at the cellular level) of Dolly the sheep…


Attention economics, redux: why supermodels are like toxic assets
[Is it just me, or does this headline tempt you to a preemptive facepalm, too? -L]
Digital Drugs Do Not Cure Stupidity
[NeuroLogica Blog]

I have never been a fan of the local news, where journalistic standards are often annoying. Often the local new is an exercise in insulting the intelligence of the viewer. But at least the local news was local. With the internet, however, local news reports are increasingly being picked up by larger national outlets and amplified many fold. So now I get to be subjected to the worst of local news reporting from all over the country….

From Oklahoma News 9 we learn that parents need to be very concerned (maybe they should even panic) – their kids are downloading digital drugs and listening to them on their i-pods, and this may be a gateway drug to the hard stuff….

According to the report, teenagers are listening to tracks containing binuaral beats, which alter brain waves and can create a high. There is one piece of information that is conspicuously missing from the report, however. Binaural beats are complete pseudoscience – they don’t work, they don’t affect brain function. You cannot get high from listening to noise. I discussed binaural beats four years ago on the SGU – but hear is a quick overview and update….

NY Post op-ed completely inverts Obama's remarks about oil spill crisis
[Media Matters]
Fox News overlooked voter-intimidation allegations against Minutemen
[Media Matters]

In contrast to Fox News' repeated hyping of voter-intimidation charges against members of the New Black Panther Party during the 2008 election, a search of the Nexis database indicates that Fox News' top shows did not report on similar allegations that members of the Minutemen harassed Hispanic voters at an Arizona polling center in 2006…

A thing to do | Fugitivus
Here is one way you can fight rape culture. If you have just watched a movie with a rape scene:

1. Go to the Wikipedia page…

Blue Dogs Be Dog-Gone Soon

A recent Roll Call piece by Steve Dennis (sorry, behind subscription firewall) examined the rising policy influence of Blue Dog Democrats within the Democratic House coalition on the issues of deficits and spending. Putting policy matters aside, what jumped out at me was a quote in the second half of the piece from somebody described as a "liberal strategist" by Dennis: "Last time I checked, the polling shows many of the Blue Dogs are poised to lose their seats. It will be tough for the Blue Dogs to drive the Democratic Caucus next year if they’re not in it." (For the record, the unidentified strategist was not me.)

The question is not whether the strategist's statement is true, but how true. Because as the two charts in this post demonstrate, whether or not they are actual members of the Blue Dog coalition or not, the Democrats whose seats are most in jeopardy this autumn almost uniformly come from the more conservative half of Speaker Nancy Pelosi's House Democratic caucus…