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Chin, Hessick, Massaro, and Miller on Arizona's Immigration Law
[CrimProf Blog]

"This paper explores SB 1070, the 2010 Arizona law creating several new immigration-related crimes in the Arizona code and imposing a set of duties on Arizona law enforcement agencies and officers, some enforceable by private suit. We lay out the main features of the statute, show how they fit in to current Arizona and federal law, and are in many respects novel. We also explore some of the interpretive and constitutional issues presented by particular sections of the law.

"We emphasize that our views are necessarily preliminary. To understand this bill requires the expertise of one half of a law school faculty, since issues arise about both structural and substantive constitutional law, immigration law, criminal law, criminal procedure, state and local government law, and other fields. Further, SB 1070 includes many provisions whose interpretation is open to a range of interpretations. Accordingly, we invite comments and rejoinders to this analysis."

Europe’s web of debt

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Ivan Stepanovich Ivanov-Sakachev
[Art Inconnu]
Brain Scan Lie Detectors
[NeuroLogica Blog]

…the results of this research must be placed into context. The question is – can they be applied to real world settings? And the answer is – we don’t know, because the proper research has not been done.

For example, subjects in the studies were told to lie, they weren’t lying to protect themselves. They were offered a monetary incentive to lie well, but this is not he same thing as having your life on the line. In the real world people may also be motivated to inhibit complete disclosure of information, even if they are not lying. When giving testimony suspects may be very careful about what they say and how they say it, engaging some of the same cognitive processes involved in lying.

The research was also performed on healthy controls. The results may not apply to people with mental disorders, sociopathic personalities, substance abuse or on medication that affects brain function.

We also have no idea how effective or ineffective countermeasures are – like rehearsing. And individuals may have a degree of self-deception or delusion about the truth, resulting in false negatives.

Freddy gets an "A"
[I Can Has Cheezburger]
Beck: No apologies for promoting an anti-Semite Nazi sympathizer | Media Matters for America
[Hullabaloo – Tristero]

That Beck has become so open about his sympathy for Nazis and their writings – and there's a lot more highly visible racism and creepiness around, eg, that Republican "fucking raghead" guy – can only mean that more and more of the mask is slipping from the face of American fascism. We can argue as to why that is so: Has the right become increasingly crazed and desperate since 2008? On the other hand, has it become supremely confident that it can and do just about anything – including torture and other violence – without fear of repercussion? Or, somehow, is it both? Whatever the reason, it is simply impossible to deny the increasingly open sympathy for Nazism and its ideological cousins among some of the most powerful members of the Republican party, and therefore, some of the most powerful people in the country.

In other words, the dog whistles are getting lower. We can hear them loud and clear. And that is very, very scary.

Children of lesbian parents do better than their peers
[New Scientist]

A long-term study on same-sex families finds children from lesbian couples are more successful academically and socially

The Long Arm Of The Mower…
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Possible snake shortage looms
[Science News]

Declines in Europe and Africa raise worries of widespread slide

Does this seem like the right time to resume offshore drilling to you
[Hullabaloo – Digby]

Obviously, jobs are a huge concern, but it's very hard to see how this works. They're actually going to start drilling again in the Gulf before this gusher is capped and the oil is cleaned up? That sounds crazy to me. I know these are good paying jobs and all, but this catastrophe is so huge that everyone needs to start thinking of alternatives because things should not go back to the way they were. The fishing industry can't go back to work because of the oil, so it's hard to see why the oil industry should be so favored when it's the cause of the problem.