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KS Files Amicus Brief Against Westboro Baptist, Phelps
[TortsProf Blog]

The Kansas Attorney General's office filed an amicus brief with SCOTUS against Fred Phelps and his Topeka-based Westboro Baptist Church…

New EJI report on racial discrimination in jury selection
[Sentencing Law and Policy Blog]

As detailed in this new New York Times article, which is headlined "Study Finds Blacks Blocked From Southern Juries," the folks at the Equal Justice Initiative have released a new report on racial discrimination in jury selection.

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Build a HTML5/CSS3 Website Layout Without Images – Part 1
Arkwright Typeface
[Typography Served]

[Effing gorgeous type inspired by Gothic revival architecture. -L]

Architects design gigantic solar cell that can wrap around the Moon

Searching for a way to provide unlimited clean energy to Earth's population, Japanese architecture firm Shimizu designed the "Luna Ring," a solar cell that would be wrapped around the Moon's equator and beam energy back to Earth.

Photo of the Day

McCormick's win is very significant; not only is he the first trans winner of International Mr. Leather, he is (as far as I know) the first person with a physical disability to win. Congratulations, Mr. McCormick!

Let’s call the whole thing off
[Pandagon – Amanda Marcotte – on abortion and framing]
BP CEO: Sickened Cleanup Workers Probably Have Food Poisoning

At least nine fishermen hired by BP to use their boats to help with oil cleanup in the Gulf of Mexico have been hospitalized with serious heath problems, including one who “busted his skull” after collapsing on a dock.

When asked about this clear pattern of illnesses of workers who come in contact BP’s oil and chemical dispersants, BP CEO Tony Hayward callously dismissed the health problems as “food poisoning.”