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ssj10: These Are My Colours
[Signal boost on the topic of The Last Airbender movie = massive racefail = please boycott. -L]

If you think that stories are not important, if you think a movie that just removed real world people from the landscape of a source material that respected and loved their 5000 years of culture and history is no big deal, if you've never known what it means to be erased from your own world and told to be thankful for it, I want you to do something for me.

Stop thinking. Stop feeling. Put down your books, put down your pens, forget your stories. Close your eyes and plug your ears. Forget what your story sounds like. You have no myths. You have no history. Stop breathing with your heart and living in your head. Your dreams are worthless, because they are not real. They are not tangible. You can't sell them. They are worthless. Go outside and consume, consume, consume. But never question. Never speak. Never dare to feel that you've been malnourished or mistreated. Never, ever admit that you have been poisoned. Be satisfied; you are well fed.

Remember: It's no big deal. It doesn't matter. And neither do you.

The Pacific (+ Steve Fuller & Ahmet Ahmet interviews) opening title sequence | The Art of the Title Sequence
Having an opportunity to harvest the marrow a bit more on the crafting of the opening to HBO’s “The Pacific,” Art of the Title was able to speak with both Steve Fuller formerly of Imaginary Force’s New York office and Ahmet Ahmet of Imaginary Force’s Los Angeles office to round out the creative history of the piece.
Ancient Egypt city found by radar
[BBC News]

An ancient Egyptian city believed to be Avaris, the capital of the Hyksos who ruled 3,500 years ago, has been located by radar.

Rape, Trauma, and Terrorism

Jessica Stern had an incredible op-ed in the Washington Post yesterday. Stern is a noted expert on terrorism and national security, and is a lecturer at Harvard and served on Bill Clinton’s National Security Council. But in her piece yesterday, she talks about the violent rape she was a victim of in 1973 – and how as a result, she has spent her whole life being fascinated with terrorism and violence, so much so that she is one of America’s preeminent experts on terrorism.