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[In case it needs to be said: I don’t agree with every word of everything I link to. –L.]

Eleventh Carnival of Feminist Parenting « Mothers For Women’s Lib
Wankers Of The Day — the MMS, pleasuring themselves for Exxon and the USA
[Hullabaloo – Digby]

In the face of all the disasters in the Bush administration I used to ask myself, "what are these guys doing all day, jerking off?" But it was metaphorical. I didn't know they were literally wanking on the job. It turns out that it wasn't just the SEC lawyers spanking the monkey on the taxpayer's dime, here comes news that the MMS workers were too.

Bacterial chitchat proves distracting for wound healing
[Science News]

Microbial signals partially block skin cells from closing a cut

Hate Murder in Arizona?
[Immigration Prof Blog]
An ancient force that created the spiral ice chasms of Mars [Exoplanetary]
Calling All Gardeners
Reader Tall-in-Heels tipped me off to a great way to share your backyard bounty. is an online resource with the mission to diminish hunger in America by helping gardeners donate their excess produce to local food pantries.
Good News from Elsewhere on the Globe
Time forbids me from rattling on today, but there are two stories that you should know about, if you don’t already. [Trinidad & Tobago gets a female prime minister; Portugal legalizes same-sex marriage. -L]
After a century of waiting, Mark Twain will reveal all in his autobiography. No…
After a century of waiting, Mark Twain will reveal all in his autobiography. No joke; he ordered it held for 100 years after his death before it could be published.

Ms: How the pill gave birth to the women's health movement.

Compose your own music with Mozart.

Washington Post: Sarah Palin's strange unprofessional grudge against her neighbor.

TED: Copyright lessons from fashion's copyright-free culture.

Jim C. Hines investigates Marion Zimmer Bradley's history with fanfiction. I believe him; it agrees with what I saw of Marion in the ten years before her last illness, during Darkovercon each year.

It’s Crop Circle Season
[NeuroLogica Blog]

I have to admit, I love crop circles. I think they are a compelling art form. So I have anticipated for many years the coming of crop circle season in the Spring. Circle makers have really progressed the art form tremendously.

Here is the first one I have seen so far…