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Famous science fiction quotes in graph form
Photos: Divers explore Egyptian ruins
[Science News]
Relief for Gulf at least 2 months away with cut-and-cap oil well plan
[Science News]

The best hope for stopping the flow of oil from the blown-out well at the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico has been compared to hitting a target the size of a dinner plate more than two miles into the earth, and is anything but a sure bet on the first attempt.

Tropical storm Agatha opens up massive, horrifying sinkholes in Guatemala City
No, this image is not Photoshopped. It comes from Guatemala City today, where damage from a tropical storm – including 3 giant sinkholes – has forced 120,000 people to evacuate. Here's how you can help refugees.
Ancient painting of the giant bird that roamed Australia 40,000 years ago
This is perhaps the oldest painting on the continent of Australia. It depicts the Genyornis, a giant bird that went extinct 40,000 years ago.
Traumatic events trigger diverse responses
[Science News]

New study compares difficulties faced by survivors of life-threatening events

Making scents of a partner’s feelings
[Science News]

Couples pick up on subtle differences in other half’s emotion-laden odors

Oregon town plans first tsunami-resistant building
[Science News]

An Oregon coastal town hopes to put its new City Hall on stilts and become the first U.S. city to raise a municipal building to withstand the major earthquake and tsunami that scientists say are coming sooner rather than later.

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Do You Know Why BP Is Willing To Pay All Legitimate Claims? I Do.
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'Consummating unions'
The NYT had a good and necessary story yesterday about child brides in Afghanistan. The story says two girls complained that their elderly husbands "beat them when they tried to resist consummating the unions." Why didn't the writers (or their editors) use the word "rape"? Even "sex" would be better than the ponderous "consummating the unions."
Pro-gay French McDonald’s commercial – zero chance of airing in this country
The Iraq and Afghanistan Wars Mutilated Our Economy

An October 2007 study by the Political Economy Research Institute (PERI) found that per $1 billion invested in the following fields, you create wildly different numbers of jobs:

[list redacted]

So if you take $1 billion in taxpayer dollars and spend it on war versus on building energy efficient homes and other infrastructure, the opportunity cost for that spending is 4,249 potential jobs. Spending it on war versus mass transit costs you 11,240 potential jobs.

Now consider that $1 trillion is one thousand billion. Because we’re spending so many billions–now trillions–of dollars on these two wars, we’re losing hundreds of thousands, possibly millions, of potential jobs.

Deadly Israeli Raid on Aid Flotilla Draws Condemnation –
JERUSALEM — Israeli naval commandos conducted a deadly raid on a flotilla of aid ships bound for Gaza on Monday, earning widespread condemnation and setting off a diplomatic crisis for the government of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.