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[In case it needs to be said: I don’t agree with every word of everything I link to. –L.]

More Weak Sauce from the "Weird News" Section
As far as I can tell, we have here a very successful married couple who also happen to be business partners, who got a divorce and split up their combined shares in a company in which they are both very highly ranked (Steve is the Chairman of Wynn Resorts Ltd; Elaine was and remains a director of the company). It's PAINFULLY obvious that in this case they both worked hard to gain those assets, and are amicably splitting them up, as, I dunno, grownups might be expected to do.

But the whole thing is framed as a loss for HIM. HE'S paying her off, rather than receiving his share while she receives hers. If this article hadn't mentioned that Elaine Wynn was a director of Wynn Resorts and had been involved in its growth, her value to the company outlined and praised by her ex-husband, you'd have no idea from reading the surrounding text that she had anything to do with the business.

Chip, Chip, Chip
That's how I'd describe what the state legislature is doing to abortion access in Nebraska…

I don't see as much concern for screening women who decide not to terminate their pregnancies. We know that women can have physical and mental health issues after spontaneous miscarriage and childbirth–why no push for intensive screening and "warning" or recovery proclamations for those cases?

Actual Headline
In the New York Times: Unshaven Women: Free Spirits or Unkempt?

LOL! Those are the only two options? You have to be making a statement about how free spirited you are, or you're just nasty? Please, Times. Women are way more diverse than that. Some of us are just apathetic!

I Write Letters
…let me offer my services, so that you might base your opinion of trigger warnings on Actual Facts. […]

We provide trigger warnings because it's polite, because we don't want to be the asshole who triggered a survivor of sexual assault because of carelessness or laziness or ignorance.

We provide trigger warnings because we know that 1 out of every 6 women and 1 out of every 10 men is a survivor of sexual assault or attempted sexual assault, many of them having survived multiple sexual assaults, and just because the larger culture doesn't acknowledge the existence of this vast population of people doesn't mean we don't have to.

Quote of the Day
[Trigger warning for clergy abuse.]

"The [Connecticut State] General Assembly is considering passage of House Bill 5473, which will remove the 30-year statute of limitation for the filing of sexual abuse claims concerning minors. The passage of this legislation could potentially have a devastating financial effect on the Catholic dioceses of Connecticut, including parish assets and those of other Catholic service organizations."— Reverend Henry J. Mansell, Archbishop of Hartford, in a letter (pdf) to pastors across the state, urging them to oppose HB 5473.

This letter was not secretly obtained by some news organization. I found it via a link right on the front page of the Connecticut Catholic Public Affairs Conference website, after reading this story at CNN.

There's also a "pulpit announcement" (pdf) which explicitly states the following is to be read at mass: "This Bill threatens the property of our parish and other Catholic parishes, schools, charities, hospitals, and dioceses. It is critically important that you contact your state senator and state representative as soon as possible to express your opposition to this legislation." Parishioners are directed to seek further information on a bulletin insert.

Um. Yeah. Okay, so how is this organization still being allowed the tax exemption that is contingent on not engaging in direct political activity with regard to either a specific political candidate or in an attempt to directly influence the passage of specific legislation…? Are you paying attention, IRS?

LADYPALOOZA PRESENTS: I Went To Your Concert and There Was Nothing Going On, or, A Meditation on Dude Music
The number one thing I learned from being in a band and hanging out with a lot of guys who were Very Serious about music is that basically the worst thing that can happen to the music you love is for too many women to like it, or for one woman that you know to like it real hard. Music that is good is not music that women go crazy for. If women go crazy for it, it must suck, because women have terrible taste and like all that chick shit and like shave their legs and stuff but oh my god it’s disgusting when they don’t.

Did you get that? You are a shitty music-lover because you do not like all the same music that they do. But if you start liking it, then the music is shitty and they stop.

Holistic Web Browsing: Trends Of The Future
[On the need to design for future trends in internet usage:
1. The browser as operating system,
2. Functionally-limited mobile applications,
3. Web-enhanced devices,
4. Personalization.]
Self-confidence tricks
…here’s some of the things I tell my students about how to survive in an environment that takes a lot of self confidence. Other suggestions are welcome in the comments!

[Section headers for remainder of article:
Remember that you’re not alone
Cultivate your shield of arrogance
Find your cheerleading squad
Celebrate your accomplishments
Don’t forget to be awesome]

The First Blast of the Trumpet Against the Monstrous Regiment of Women – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Knox, a staunch Protestant Reformer, opposed the Roman Catholic queens on religious grounds, and used them as examples to argue against female rule over men generally (but not about women in all roles or respects).

[Isn't it great how even the open advocacy of patriarchy provokes wikipedia experts to defend it, as if not wanting all women dead somehow exempts John "women should not rule" Knox from charges of sexism?

For values of great which equal "face-slappingly stupid".