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[In case it needs to be said: I don’t agree with every word of everything I link to. –L.]

Hey Hey It’s Esther Blueberger
Hey Hey It’s Esther Blueberger (Women & Hollywood – Melissa Silverstein)


The film is about a Australian girl — Esther Blueberger — who has having trouble fitting in with all the girls as she prepares for her Bat Mitzvah. […] played by newcomer Danielle Catanzariti […] she is the perfect tween heroine — a girl trying to negotiate adolescence who is a bit awkward and refuses to buy into typical girl culture. […]

This film is cut from the same cloth as Bend it Like Beckham. It just has heart. You just can’t help but enjoy seeing a really unique girl onscreen and her struggles to just get through the day without humiliating herself completely. The films also co-stars Toni Collette as [Keisha Castle-Hughes's] mom (she also produced the film.)

SEXIST BEATDOWN: You Are All Just A Bunch Of Stupid Cunts Who Should Shoot Yourselves In The WHAT DO YOU MEAN MY COMMENT GOT DELETED Edition
[Trigger warning for discussion of sexual harassment. –L.]

…when people talk about blogs, they talk about the democratization of voice, and how it allows everyone to be heard. But what they don’t talk about, so often, is how (a) We also re-iterate the same structures of rewarding or punishing voices that you see in Actual Real Life Not On The Internet, and (b) How the possibility that ladies might be TAKING to the Internet, and thus might have finally found a forum in which you literally CANNOT SHUT THEM UP by refusing to publish them or listen to them at your party or allow them into your fancy organizations or whatever, scares the shit out of dudes, and thus amps up the harassment to a truly scary degree. Like: I get harassed on the street, told to smile, have my tits pointed out to me, whatever. But on the street I don’t TYPICALLY get told that someone should rape me to death. Thanks to the Internet, I can in fact have just such an experience!

[…] It is a regular BONER PARTY, out there on the Internet. And it makes my lady boners wither away in despair. Though not really! Because also, I keep blogging. At this point, mainly just to piss them off. Do you hear that, Feminist-Blog-Hating Internet? YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR FEMINIST BLOGGING!