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[In case it needs to be said: I don’t agree with every word of everything I link to. –L.]

USA: Beacon of Stupid
Add Rep. Harry Mitchell (D-AZ) to the growing list of people who are getting non-terror death threats. […]

The problem that we're experiencing now is quite possibly the biggest indictment against our educational system. The level of ignorance and outright stupidity, and the absence of critical thinking skills, are only helping to cultivate a totally details-illiterate mob that is easily susceptible to any suggestion, no matter how ridiculous or how not grounded in actual fact. And if you take a mob that has no value for information or any capacity to debate an issue, the mob resorts to violence to defend itself. […]

I know I can yell 'til I'm blue in the face and that it won't help. Heck, these people are even lost on the fact that Mike Vanderboegh, leader of the Window Smash Movement, collects social security (aka government handouts).

Focus On: Dating while Feminist
Amanda Hess has a great interview with Jaclyn Friedman about sex and the single feminist…
Dear Geekdoms: We’re not your decoration
This isn’t an obscure invented language construct just for the sake of annoying people. This is how language works. When you apply an attribute to a subject, such as “women’s presence”, you’re applying the attribute to the women’s bodily presence. If you apply the attribute to the work of the women, then you’re applying the attribute to the work and crediting it to the women. It is a big freaking difference.

If a woman gets irked at you implying that her bodily presence is making something otherwise unrelated to her appearance “sexy”, rather than more accurately crediting a tangible enhancement to her actual work, then for the love of rainbows and bunnies don’t tell her off for not appreciating it. Learn how to compliment her properly.

Free Printable Sketching, Wireframing and Note-Taking PDF Templates
But women are an advanced social skill…
The Grand Old Party
Sometimes it really is difficult to see a difference between the two parties, like when you're searching for sunlight between members of Congress and corporate lobbyists.

And sometimes, as Paul Krugman notes, it's not difficult at all…

Quote of the Day
"It is reckless to use these incidents as media vehicles for political gain."—Republican Representative Eric Cantor, champion dipshit, admonishing the Democrats not to speak publicly about threats and violence directed at members of Congress, because talking about them "can very easily fan the flames."

Good point. That's why the Republicans have been totes hush-hush about 9/11.

He's An Artiste!
In 3,000 words, he manages to cram in racism, misogyny, homophobia, disablism, rape references, and some serious fat hatred. He literally uses the word fat nine times (nine times!) in 3,000 words, as well as "large," "blubbery," "lardass," "slug," and several charming metaphors like "his weight spreads from his belly across the seat, like it was a plastic sack full of liquid, rolling in layers upon itself."

And yet, somehow, I'm still most horrified by the fact that he included this line: […]

[Ms. McEwan, I share your LOL. –L.]

Out of Control (But Still Totally Not Terrorism)
What Makes A Great Cover Letter, According To Companies?