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Healthy Obligations
What’s interesting and horrific about all of these stories is that they go well beyond “the President had a physical and was pronounced fit for duty.” They provide explicit and detailed medical information about medications, injuries, his blood pressure and pulse, and recommendations made by his doctor.

Apparently HIPAA does not apply to Presidents.

And apparently Presidents are subject to the health police just like the rest of us. The President should eat less pie!

Oh noes, someone forgot to tell the Canadians they’re women!
This tension seems pronounced when it comes to the Olympics, where a lot of properly feminine sports that involve costumes and the athletes starving themselves—like ice skating and gymnastics—are promoted heavily, and where women’s ski jump is still being kept out, with outdated arguments about ovary-jiggling being employed. A lot of the Olympics organizers take the notion that the athletes are role models way too seriously, and when you start talking “role model” expectations and women, you’re going to start seeing a lot of sexist assumptions about ladylike behavior being employed. Tracy Clark-Flory found at least one blogger using this incident to slam the very idea of women play “men’s” sports. I wish hockey was that much of a threat to the patriarchy. […]

If this is really a matter of role modeling, I’d say that the Canadian women’s hockey team are great role models for young women. Seeing a bunch of strong women go out there, kick ass, and then be proud of themselves for it, while telling naysayers to shove it up their asses? That’s the sort of thing young women need to see.

Andrew Breitbart’s epic lack of self-awareness
“If conservatives are going to say that the word “racist” is so bad that openly racist behavior can’t be called “racist”, then we’ll just have to use another term. […] If it hurts your feelings to be called a liar and a racist, maybe you should reconsider being a liar or a racist—or you could just own it.”
Turns out a lot of men look forward to the oops pregnancy
The National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy surveyed men and women who said that preventing a pregnancy was important to them, and asked about how they’d feel if there was an unintended pregnancy despite precautions. The results were staggering: More than twice as many men as women reported they’d be pleased.

Now, the first thing that is weird and confusing about this is that anyone trying to avoid pregnancy would be pleased if it happened. But it’s been known for a long time by researchers (and despite some quarrels I have with NCPTUP, I respect that they’re really looking into the ambivalence issue) that a whole lot of unintended pregnancy involves ambivalence. Which makes sense—only 40% of unintended pregnancies end in abortion, so many of the rest probably involve some level of wanting to have the baby even if the pregnancy was unintended. Major decisions, such as when to get married or have a child, tend to involve ambivalence and a lot of people do in fact bop along hoping something will happen to make that decision happen for them. But the gap between men and women was astounding: 43% of men and only 20% of women said they’d be pleased by an accidental pregnancy.

Reminder! Art Motions go before the City Council on Tuesday
“We are looking not only for ways to better fund the arts, but also simply to get the City out of the way of the natural evolution of arts and culture by amending obsolete ordinances which have served to stifle, rather than encourage, arts and culture…”
WordPress Theme Releases for 03/03
This is a 2-column, soft-colored, rounded theme that totally aims at content and nothing else.
The Fading Histories of People of Colour: Depardieu Plays Dumas | Racialicious – the intersection of race and pop culture
“Personally I had no idea that Dumas was black. This makes me wonder how many famous people of colour – especially those of mixed heritage – are white-washed by history. I also recently learned (through another reader tip!) that the Russian poet Alexander Pushkin was black too.”
Question of the Day
What are some of your favorite movies/books/webcomics that pass the Bechdel test?
Pennsylvania seems to be very close to establishing a single-payer health care system for the state…
Not Terrorism in Texas
Try to imagine, for one moment, a brown-skinned man with a foreign name being allowed to wage a campaign of intimidation of this scale, including openly hosting a website with militaristic rhetoric, against Upstanding Christian White MenTM for an entire year while working as a security guard at a nuclear facility, without the authorities paying him any mind at all.
Martina Saved The Day
Martina Maturana, a twelve-year old girl, saved the lives of many in the Juan Fernandez archipelago when the tsunami hit. The story (via Bo) is mostly not available in English but the translations are good enough to get the gist.
New Must-Read Publication!
When using open source makes you an enemy of the state | Technology |
WordPress Plugin Releases for 01/01
WP Function Reference
Provides a box on the dashboard with a list of the functions that are available for you to use in your Wordpress installation

Bulk Delete
Bulk Delete WordPress Plugin which lets you to delete posts in bulk from selected categories or tags has been updated to version 0.7. The new version supports moving to trash instead of deleting and batch updates.

Rico Tabbed Menu
This is a simple plugin to create a tabbed menu in a post using Rico Ajax.

Web Design Criticism: A How-To
Quick Hit: Why Strong Female Characters Are Bad for Women
Bookmarklet to Quickly Access WordPress Admin Menu
It’s not the sex, it’s the sexism
“Actually, women did not control the event, as anyone who has read even a single piece of literature from the actual era of calling could tell you. The woman still had the symbolic power women have always had, which is the technical right to say no, but they had no initiation power. And men didn’t spread around courting in some socialist fashion. Just as now, back then men had the sole power to determine how much social status a single woman had by choosing whether or not to court her. Not every woman was Scarlett O’Hara, with a dozen suitors hanging off the front porch. Even then, there were “fat” ones, “hot” ones, and ones that are “just there”, and the hot ones got all the social status and all the suitors. Men controlled the social validation of women then, in a way that’s far more complete than now, because back then, being unchosen long enough meant you were left a spinster, which was even more toxic than it is now. So really, the only women with the full right to say no where the ones pre-chosen by men to have lots of options. Nowadays, women at least have the right to turn their nose up to men who have no charms, because we’re not forced to marry men we don’t like to avoid spinsterhood.”
Accessibility Policies Done Right: The Legion of Honor in San Francisco
The war on health care access