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[In case it needs to be said: I don’t agree with every word of everything I link to. –L.]

Barbie Becomes a Computer Engineer
“You can take a look at Computer Engineer Barbie’s fact sheet on their press release site, or check out coverage elsewhere. There are more pictures on the Barbie media site, although apparently you have to click to download the high-res ones if you want more than a head and shoulders view.

“It’s neat that they asked some actual women engineers about what clothes and accessories Computer Engineer Barbie should have.”

Basic Etiquette for Email Lists and Forums [Netiquette]
Find the Right Color Palette for Your Next Presentation or Design [Web Design]
The Book Depository Offers Free Worldwide Shipping and Thousands of Free E-Books [Books]
Belvedere 0.5 Update Automates Recycle Bin Management, File Compression, and More [Downloads]
Email Newsletter Design: Guidelines And Examples
Free Medical Icons Set (60 Icons)
Who you speak to and where you are: why it matters

“…having to fight this battle on a site-by-site, service-by-service basis is disgusting. For a number of groups of people, including people who are the targets of a violent obsession among others, information about who they are in contact with, where they live and what they’re interested in has life-threatening implications. For a larger number of people it has non-life-threatening but potentially serious implications for their job, for example, or their continuing loving relationship with their family. Sometimes people are in frequent contact with people who have power over them, and/or who hate them. Why aren’t privacy policies centring that possibility, and working out the implications for the rest of us later?”

WordPress Theme Releases for 02/11
“Ninja One is a free WordPress child theme for the popular theme framework Thematic. From the Ninja One Options page, you can easily add a custom logo, change the header background color, add your Google Analytics tracking code, and add your Feedburner feed name.”
Just A Thought On Focus On The Family’s Totally Mainstream Positions
“…if the anti-choice position is so true, so mainstream and so critical to the future of our nation, why did Focus on the Family spend $2.5 million to avoid saying anything whatsoever about it? Pam Tebow’s lines were all oblique references to her choice not to have an abortion, but if FotF felt the need to couch her story in such coded and oblique terms that it could have been an ad for Wii Family, doesn’t that say something incredibly telling about how weak and radical their position actually is?”
Dog Meet Your Tail. He’ll Be Wagging You Today
“And this right here is the long-awaited logical conclusion of where the initiative process has taken us. Now not only does money play the most important role in initiatives (see PG&E’s Prop 16), but the signature gatherers are now acting as a gatekeeper for innitiatives they don’t like.

“The process is now clearly morally and politically bankrupt. If ever there was a reason to fix the initiative system, look for this as Exhibit One.”

Beautiful Motion Graphics Created With Programming: Showcase, Tools and Tutorials
“…dozens of examples of motion graphics and interactive visuals created with computational code, along with some useful references and resources.”
WordPress Plugin Releases for 02/09
Adeel’s Zodiac Calculator
A sidebar widget that displays your visitors’ Chinese and/or Western zodiac signs based on their date of birth without reloading the page.

Historical Comment Count
Allows the website owner to track the number of published comments on their blog over time.

Wp-Task-Manager is a plugin for wordpress which add a small task manager inside the administration panel.

WordPress Plugin Releases for 04/02
Leave-a-Note Visual Commenting
Leave-a-Note is a plugin for Wordpress, that transforms your comment section into a visual representation, making each comment a little post-it notes.

WP htaccess Control
Provides an interface to add custom htaccess rules to the htaccess file generated by Wordpress. It also includes Custom Author Permalink.

OnlyWire for WordPress
OnlyWire syndicates your blog posts to over 30 social networking sites <b>simultaneously</b> with one button click. Increase your blog traffic overnight.

Photoshop Keyboard Shortcuts Cheat Sheet (PDF)
The Mancession
Did They Know Justice Alito Is Male? « Prop 8 Trial Tracker
On the “news” that Judge Walker (of the Prop 8 trial) is gay:

“Taking it that one step further, we all have a background. We all have some mix of racial, geographical, socioeconomic and other backgrounds. And they are all mixed up with who we are. We can’t take those labels off no matter how independent or fair you are. Yet some will still see this as sort of bias.

“So, did anybody comment about Justice Alito’s gender when he wrote the outrageous opinion in Ledbetter v Goodyear Tire that said that under the Civil Rights Act women could not sue after 180 days from the discriminatory decision, even if they didn’t know about the decision for years?

Easily Add Multiple Content Columns
“Craig Buckler of published a neat guide today on how to split WordPres content into 2 or more columns. The explanation dives into various functions and parameters with use of the Read More tag but within the comments of the post, someone mentioned a plugin called WP Post Columns by Sam Burdge. I downloaded the plugin and to my surprise, it works very well and does not require any code editing. The magic lies within the shortcodes that need to be inserted into the content.”
Good Luck Lester Chan
“I’ve been a huge fan of Lester ever since I discovered his assortment of plugins that provided functionality I didn’t think any WordPress site would want to be without. Features such as polls, easy page navigation, and nifty stats. I learned today that Lester is unable to provide support for his plugins due to a full time job he recently accepted. However, he states that he will try to keep the plugins working with newer versions of WordPress as time allows while also keeping the forum open to enable the community to help each other.”
The Linkspam of Souls, January 24, 2010