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Fundies and child abuse
…the continued debating over the line between forcing [a child] to submit and overt abuse that goes on in this world completely misses the point. When you define entire classes of people, whether children or women, as existing to submit and suggest that willfulness is an evil brought upon your family by the devil, then abuse is inevitable. The idea itself is abusive and dehumanizing. Everything else that follows from it is simply logical.

…once you’ve broken down your victim, everything is hugs and tears [stage 4]. The Pearls highlight stage 4 as the goal of their techniques, it appears. […]

Well, yeah. Everyone enjoys phase 4, but then the person beaten into submission starts to act like a human being again, seeking to control their own life and express their individuality, and things get tense again, and then there’s a beating. Abuse exists because abusers desire complete control over their victims. I fail to see how Christian child rearing manuals that replace terms like “rearing” or “nurturing” with their preferred term “training” can be considered anything but abuse. The very idea that another human being should be trained, that their will should be completely subject to yours, is abuse by definition. The Pearls aren’t exactly wrong when they argue that you can only completely control a person by beating them until ”crying turns to a true, wounded, submissive whimper”. The problem is the premise, accepted even by many of their critics, that children should be so thoroughly controlled. (And that wives should be obedient.)

Not to say that this issue isn’t confusing, even for liberal or secular parents. Kids don’t know how to behave, and they need their parents to guide them. […] But that’s a far different cry from the fundamentalist Christian view, where children exist to glorify you and your belief system, and their beings are subject to that. I imagine that parents who give their children the right to be individuals and whose goal is to move their children towards being able to make more and more of their own decisions end up being frustrated a lot less than fundamentalist parents, who are encouraged to see every bit of non-submissive behavior as the devil’s work.

Limbaugh calls health care reform “reparations” and “civil rights”
This is really hard to listen to, since Rush Limbaugh is being even angrier and nastier and egotistical than usual, but it’s nonetheless important if you want to understand the opposition to health care reform:

In it, Limbaugh uses high racialized language to denounce health care reform, calling it “civil rights” and “reparations” in these tones that are dripping with anger and disdain. The context for this is a discussion about the evils of social welfare spending that allows the people who build wealth through labor to enjoy some of the fruits of that wealth through taxing people who build wealth through capital and hoard most of the wealth for themselves. From a fairness point of view, people who work to build wealth should get part of the bounty for the country, and the most efficient way to do this is through taxation. Most people, if they think about it, do think that the social contract should include those who labor as well as those who invest money. So the way that Rush and his comrades are able to distract people and have them offer their loyalties not to their fellow citizens who have to work for a living, but to those whose work is mainly in investing, is to draw on race.

Circles: Islamic Agents Of Evil
[The hilarity cannot be contained in mere words. –L.]
Your Friendly Womb Police in Utah
“Mind-boggling. You can go to a physician and have a legal abortion during the first trimester but if you have a suspicious miscarriage at home you might be taken to court for murder.”
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Sing It, Brother!
“I’m doing this to demystify abortion.”
Angie the Anti-Theist, a blogger whose birth control failed, resulting in a pregnancy which she decided to terminate. And she decided to use the occasion of her abortion to talk about it, via Twitter and YouTube. “I’m doing this to demystify abortion,” she explains. “I just wanna let everybody know that you, too, can have an abortion, if you want one.”
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America Punk’d
Eric Boehlert’s column this week about the ACORN videos is a must read. As I have written before, I was one of those who thought that O’Kefe and Gilese had gone into the ACORN offices dressed as they were shown in that endless loop on TV and was shocked to find out that O’Keefe had actually been dressed in a white shirt and khaki pants when they did the original sting.

This is a big deal for a couple of obvious reasons and one not so obvious reason. The first is that it resulted in ACORN being delegitimized and defunded (at least temporarily.) […]

The second obvious reason this is a big deal is because after the “story” broke, the major media donned a metaphorical hair shirt and loudly announced their shame at failing to follow the wingnut radio and Fox news agenda more closely, and in rushing to that judgment they also failed in their journalistic duty to figure out if this story was true. I’ve rarely seen them issue mea culpas so quickly and decisively and one should wonder why.

But the less than obvious reason this is a big deal is that the pimp and ho costumes were a send-up of over-the-top racial stereotypes that both reinforced some very ugly notions about the African American community, but more importantly, made these ACORN workers look as though they were so dumb they shouldn’t be allowed to cross the street…

Quick Hit: The “you smelt it, you dealt it” card
Utah Bill Criminalizes Miscarriage |
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