Links for March 31st from 13:09

  • The Cost of Beauty, Part 2: The Numbers
    As to what sucks up all of those HarpyBuxx (they’re not just good for abortions anymore!): our lovely, lovely tresses: 43% of expenditures go towards hair cuts, coloring, or other services. Make-up takes up another 29%…
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  • So…
    …the Obama administration puts up a "A Guide to Getting Through Tough Economic Times," because, as most sentient adults know, financial stressors can create serious strains on individuals, on couples, on entire families—and, as the acting administrator of the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), Eric Broderick, notes: "By helping people remain resilient, we can help promote the overall recovery of our nation."

    And, naturally, the rightwing thinks this is hi-laaaar-ious!
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  • Afghanistan Law Effectively Legalizes Rape
    In this Telegraph article on the new law, opponents say the legislation, the full text of which has not been made public outside limited parts of Afghanistan's parliament, is "worse than during the Taliban" and reportedly stipulates that "women can only seek work, education or doctor's appointments with their husband's permission."

    There's more at the Guardian here, including the depressing revelation that some female politicians are considering the law as passed a minor victory since the original proposal was even worse, and they at least succeeded in changing some details, like raising the minimum marriage age of girls from 9 to 16: "It's not really 100% perfect, but compared to the earlier drafts it's a huge improvement," said MP Shukria Barakzai.

    Contact the US State Department and politely request swift action.
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