Links for April 15th through April 16th

  • The Advocate interviews mom of 11-year-old who committed suicide over gay taunts
    On Friday, thousands of students will participate in the 13th annual National Day of Silence, and who knows how many fundie parents will choose to make their kids stay home so that they cannot be exposed to a silent call for tolerance. What are these people teaching their kids—that bullying is OK? That even children who don’t identify as gay, like Carl, have to go day after day to a learning environment that foments torment and emotional baiting of students based on homophobia? What is wrong with these people?
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  • P2: The New Prologue Theme
    This new theme is perfect for group collaboration and communication. It’s especially handy for communication which you want to keep private – as many are using P2 as a private “group Twitter”. The instant notifications also make this theme ideal for live blogging.
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