Links for March 31st from 13:41

  • “Military women are more likely to be raped by a fellow soldier than killed by enemy fire in Iraq.”

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  • Newsflash: Young, Beautiful Women Are Successful in Hollywood
    Screenwriters tend not to be high-visibility marquee players in the eyes of the moviegoing public, but what they write lays the foundation for the films, which is one reason why women screenwriters are so important. Gender attitudes in mainstream movies are skewed enough as is, and one would hope that this article might signal that Hollywood is becoming more accepting of women having power behind the scenes.

    But the [above-linked] article [from the NY Times] really enjoys bringing things back to the looks of the four writers.
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  • On the Old Sawhorse of “Hating Men”
    …hear me, o afflicted internet readers: I don’t hate men. I hate what the patriarchy constantly tells them to do, and I hate it when they use the patriarchy’s standards as the measure of how they are supposed to behave. I hate it that a lot of them spend more time arguing with me about how I’ve hurt their feelings than they do with other men about how they oppress women.
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