Links for February 4th from 13:45 to 18:02

  • 50 Beautiful And User-Friendly Navigation Menus -
  • WordPress Plugin Releases for 02/04 – This day would be a winner for Simply Show IDs alone. (Y’all. I am totally addicted to surfing for plugins.)
  • Smashing Magazine: Mastering WordPress Shortcodes | Developer’s Toolbox | Smashing Magazine – “…how to create and use shortcodes, as well as provide killer ready-to-use WordPress shortcodes that will enhance your blogging experience.”
  • ProBlogger: 13 Quick tips to Make Your Blog STAND OUT from the Crowd -
  • Digby: Shouting Down the Wingnuts (Hullabaloo) – “Wingnut radio has gone completely nuts, apparently, and they have their dittoheads calling the Senate to complain about the recovery plan.”So, because the democrats are now going wobbly, we need to call them and tell them to do their duty. (sigh….)

    “CAF has made that easy for us…”

  • Shakesville: Bale v. O’Reilly – Video – bad language warning.
  • Feministe: Homelessness Increases Among Female Veterans – “the rates of homelessness, not to mention stubstance abuse, trauma and other lasting impacts of combat, need to be dealt with across the board, for both men and women. But the solutions might not be the same across the board, because the causes may also be different. And in working out solutions to this problem — real, long-term solutions that go beyond the necessity of providing beds for people to sleep in — that needs to be taken into account.”
  • F-Word Blog: How we talk about fertilisation -
  • Dday: Better (Hullabaloo) – Obama makes his case (some more).
  • Shakesville: But Michael Phelps smoked pot -
  • Dday: Eyeballs Popping From Sockets (Hullabaloo) – “I’m not calling the Senate. I’m calling MSNBC, calling CNN, calling the New York Times, calling ABC, calling CBS, and telling them I’m advising everyone I know to sell their stock and doing whatever I can to hurt their bottom line even worse than it is now. We need to throw a Sinclair Broadcasting on their collective asses. They are doing more than hurting America this time. They are destroying it.”
  • Pam’s House Blend: Prop. 8: What can $83 million buy? – “Isn’t it a shame that a few anti-gay Californians forced citizens to spend $83 million on a measure that denies gay and lesbian couples the right to marry when that money could have done so much good to help the sick, poor, and hungry? Thousands of needy Californians could have benefited from the funds that were spent on Prop. 8.”
  • Digby: The Sad And The Beautiful (Hullabaloo) – Obama makes his case for the stimulus bill.
  • The F-Word Blog: BBC and sexism – why it’s more complicated than that – “…the BBC would do well to examine why a grossly offensive comment by a woman, in the green room with two other people present resulted in her being effectively sacked whilst grossly offensive comments by men, on national television to thousands of viewers results in them getting pay increased and the full protection of the BBC.”
  • Pam’s House Blend: The religious right and the power of transference -
  • Shakesville: Dispatches from the Reality-Based Community – “Kiefer Sutherland explains that people in the real world might not want to base their ethics and job performance on the imaginary world depicted in television programs.”Could someone please explain this concept to Justice Scalia? Thanks.”
  • Tristero: What I Learned from NPR This Morning (Hullabaloo) – “Now, the questions I have to ask are these. The blogosphere knows the fix is in and is screaming bloody murder, of course. But we hardly matter to the MSM. Where the [bleep] are the top Democrats? And why aren’t they complaining about this disgracefully biased coverage? The only Democrat I recall quoted in this report was some non-entity who basically said he’d do anything he could to help the Republicans seize the initiative on fixing the economy.”Clearly, the top of the party has learned zip in the past 8 to 10 years or so. I think it’s time to work seriously to replace them.”
  • The Pursuit of Harpyness: What We Should Talk About When We Talk About Lesbian Separatism – “These women found a way – and it was not an easy way for them, let’s be honest – to live their lives such that they felt more human. They felt more like whole people living apart than it seemed society would grant them.”And that’s fucking sad, but the reason it’s sad is not because they’re ‘wrong.’ I’m just not willing to call these women deluded about their own experiences. They had, obviously, a kind of early life that turned them from men permanently – of being lesbian in a society that barely had a name for it, or of being raped or sexually abused, or of being told their worth was nothing absent marriage and the bearing of children. I wish everyone would keep in mind that it’s patriarchy that’s wrong here. It’s patriarchy that made these women feel this way. […]

    “Sometimes, when I am in the heat of an internet argument, I start to forget how much of my devotion to feminism is rooted in good old boring ordinary compassion. Because I am a person who enjoys talking about ideas abstractly, I can sympathize with those who want to synthesize the contributions of these women, read them down into a pithy statement like ‘Good feminists should live apart from men’ that I can then refute with rhetorical razzle-dazzle.

    “But those discussions, they aren’t the whole truth of the matter.”

  • Pandagon: Bamboo Reviews: Revolutionary Road, The Movie -
  • The Mahablog: Caps and Cans – “The CEOs of the financial industry brought this on themselves because they proved they can’t be trusted with money. We saw from the first wave of no-strings-or-oversight-attached bailouts from the Bush Administration that they can’t be trusted with money. You might as well give the bailout money to crack addicts.”Although CEOs cannot directly write their own checks, as I understand it their compensation is determined by the Board of Directors, an insulated group of people living in the same bubble of privilege as the executives. Apparently, boards of directors of financial institutions cannot be trusted with money, either.

    “Those who are still insulated are whining that a $500,000 cap is ‘draconian.’”

  • Tiger Beatdown: Um, WHAT? Whoa. – “Psychologists, child development specialists, and all concerned with the development of personality, take note: it is twenty-six years later, and I have still not stopped making this face.”
  • Melissa McEwan: More Tool Academy – “It’s eminently possible to both acknowledge the Tool Academics are suffering because of their adherence to patriarchal standards and that they’re abusive because of their adherence to patriarchal standards.”As to whether change is possible, well, if I didn’t believe it were, I wouldn’t be blogging—and I certainly wouldn’t believe in teaspoons. It is my experience that both men and women are capable of unwinding, to varying degrees, their indoctrination into the system and regard themselves and others with the egalitarianism, autonomy, and dignity that the patriarchy seeks to deny.”
  • Feministing: Fun with Feminist Flickr (activism edition) – “Check out this poster from a university campus in Ontario, Canada. If you notice the small tear in the poster, it’s because someone thought that the whole “don’t rape women” message was super offensive. In fact, several other posters put up decrying violence against women were vandalized. Sigh.”
  • Tiger Beatdown: The Weapon – “Every now and again, I come on something that I feel I can’t even begin to address. Every now and then, I come on something that I have to address. This is both… This situation does not arise from problems inherent to Islam, but problems inherent to misogyny, which made every single aspect of this situation possible.”