Links for February 23rd through February 24th

These are my links for February 23rd through February 24th:

  • RIP Pantyhose: A Rant – Hah, I love hose (or rather, opaque tights), but I’ve been fortunate enough never to be in a situation where wearing them daily was mandatory. Also, frak that control top crap. If there were a brand called Let It All Hang Out (And Cover It In Bright Blue), I would wear it.Also, I like long, full skirts.The real oppressor is not pantyhose, IMO, but the fashion requirements for a) a certain body shape, and b) clothing too tight to allow concealment of nonconforming bodies.
  • And She Writes (Just Like A Woman) – “Sometimes I think we as women forget that so much of our attitudes about what it means to “write well” or “be insightful” are conditioned by the patriarchy, and the literary world is no exception. So allowing the supposedly “universal” standard of Good Writing to stand unchallenged by other voices – arguing, for example, that women can, should be, and are, just as interested in Benjamin Kunkel’s brainfarts as they are in Jane Austen’s – misses the fundamental point. Our idea about what makes Good Writing has traditionally been written by men, for men, about men and male concerns. When women (and here I do not mean the corporate-write-by-numbers un-self-aware “chick lit” – I mean Margaret Laurence and Toni Morrison) write about women, they should be applauded, not criticized, for adding to the range of perspectives out there.”And like it or not, the inclusion of diverse perspectives means that we are going to have unthinking female writers (hello Kinsella) out there just like we have unthinking male writers (I would like to kick Kunkel’s butt). But let’s be clear: their problem is their lack of critical awareness, not their desire to have a literature that speaks about and for female perspectives on life, the universe, and everything else.”
  • Jesus’ General writes a North Dakota legislator about the state’s fetus citizen bill – “OMG. Blenders, please finish your drinks and noshing on that lunch before you read Jesus’ General‘s letter to Rep. Chuck Damschen of the North Dakota House of Representatives. You’ll recall that last week the state’s house passed a bill declaring that “a fertilized egg has all of the rights of any person.””
  • Slumdog Millionare wins Picture of the Year! – “To be clear, I loved this movie and I saw it twice. The second time I brought my family, and my father a staunch Indian nationalist, hated it. He didn’t like the way it portrayed India. I do not hold the same politics as my father and I felt that it actually held more truth about poverty and corruption in India than we would like to admit. But once you sift through the amazing imagery, adorable kids and soundtrack you are left with a coming of age story, only the story is not really for Indian audiences.”And despite its attempt at a narrative of social progress, Slumdog reinforces that which is hopes to ameliorate. Mitu Sengupta has an excellent piece up at Alternet about the policy implications of films like Slumdog Millionare that lump together the stereotypes of the poor.”
  • Dday: Bipartisan Coalition On Screwing The Unemployed (Hullabaloo) – “The public has internalized the concept of bipartisanship as practiced by George Bush – he meant it as “Everyone agrees with me,” and the public wants to see bipartisanship defined as everyone agree with Obama. This won’t make it into many high Broderist discussions, but people seemingly want the agenda that they actually voted for. What a concept.”However, there are some issues where Democrats and Republicans are able to get together and agree. Especially when the “Democrat” in the scenario is a corporate whore who wants to punish the unemployed.”
  • I love this commie, homo-lovin, son of a gun. – “Sean Penn won the Oscar for his portrayal of Harvey Milk. Check out his acceptance speech below.”
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